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Year Of Dragon 2013

Your Horoscope Born in: 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000
Best Compatible : Rooster
Compatible : Dragon, Rat, Monkey
Not Compatible: Dog

The basic character of a person born in the year of the Dragon is that he/she is powerful, intelligent, knowledgeable, sharp, meticulous, a leader, independent, ambitious, adventurous, and a practical person. A very powerful Character that has great potential of fortune and success, often outshining others easily.

This is the year for you to make your mark because you are blessed with many “Lucky Stars” (吉星) that demonstrate excellence, with just one or two “Disastrous Stars” (凶星) following through. However, the many “Lucky Stars” (吉星) will be more than enough to prevent the disastrous ones from doing any major harm to you. This is a year of vibrancy and opportunities both in your career as well as business. Learn to manage your finances and plan your steps carefully to ensure success.

Build up a good relationship with fellow colleagues and clients. Gain their respects through your humbleness, this will help you in your achievements and a remarkable reputation in time to come.

In terms of Love Life issues, there will be a “Tao Hua Star” (桃花), it will bring lots of human relation luck to you and it will also attract lots of opposite sex to you. If you are still single and you are intending to settle down, do not let this opportunity slips away. However for those who are already married, do take note not to be too involved in entertainment or after office hour activities with the opposite sex or it will affect your family life.

The general health for this year would be fine. A note of caution is that one may experience insufficient sleep and inability to concentrate well in the day. As a consequence, you may be more prone to accidental injuries.

Monthly Forecast Table for 2013

January Auspicious April Auspicious July Good October Good
February Normal May Auspicious August Normal November Bad
March Bad June Normal September Good December Auspicious

Master Rayden's Advise For Those Born In:

1940 Poor Health. Need more rest and avoid staying up too late at night.
1952 Avoid excessive spending and gambling
1964 Personal, career and business luck is good. Chance of promotion or starting own business
1976 Control your spending. Plan carefully before investing in any stocks or investments
1988 Chances of tying the nuptial knot for singles. Married person beware of “Tao Hua Star”
2000 Control your temper and spend more time in your studies to improve and excel
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